A Guy Named Joe — Coyote Grace

No matter how many times I drift away, I keep coming back to this song.

I need to get more Coyote Grace.


Who am I to change my name?
Some things will always stay the same
There really ain’t no one to blame
Can’t expect nobody to live in that pain
But I know you miss me so
I said goodbye to everyone I know
And one morning I awoke
And I was this guy named Joe.

  • I was watching Into The Dalek with Lori but we had to pause around 17 minutes in to go get breakfast
  • so I may have gone via my brother Nat's room and gesticulated with tremulous hand gestures "it's actually good, Nat! and.. and I like this Pink guy he has a personality and is funny and moving and..and...Clara's lines mostly make sense and... and the Doctor! The Doctor has an interesting emotional core and is honest and thoughtful and! Journey is so cool (Nat: she plays a character called Vod in a sit-com I like. Me: I will watch this sit-com) and Morality! what! The Bechdel Test was kinda passed (for two eps in a row!) although they did go back to talking about the men in their lives very quickly!'s good, Nat, you were right! So far it's good' *laughs loudly*
  • *encounters my brother Toby in the hallway*
  • Toby: I know, how good is it?!
  • Me: I'm not 20 minutes in yet but so far heck yeah it's good!
  • *descends stairs laughing more loudly still*
  • 'Dad! The Doctor Who! I'm not far into it but so far it's actually good!'
  • *notices next-door-neighbour and a stranger in the room with him* *continues laughing uproariously and speaking*
  • Dad: it's good?
  • Neighbour: ah
  • Stranger: *smiles thinly and sympathetically* this is the new episode? It is pretty good!
  • *skips onward, still laughing, ready to continue watching*


Meet Glora Etim

Sometimes I take pictures of people when they are not aware. This is the best because that’s when they show true emotions, natural facial expressions. I usually wait at the junction of my street for about 10 minutes to catch a cab to the high school I teach at and during that time I watch these young children going to school with their big dreams and bright faces. I watch the little ones scream and cry and tug at their mothers when their school buses arrive. I love to watch this show everyday and it inspired me to begin a series – the school children series.  I take photographs of children I come across on their way to school. Many a time a speak to them. Some of them dream of becoming pilots and astronauts and I think that I really beautiful.

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