So every summer I have tried to learn how to sew. I’ve had that as a summer project for at least three years now, but I’ve never gotten very far because sewing is so incredibly boring. But at last, this year, I’ve actually sewed stuff. Last week, I made a pair of amazing pyjama pants, and this week I’ve made two tank tops.

The fabric in the first one is an old curtain, I think. The second one, with flowers, is a fabric my mother saved from my grandmother’s old collection , when my grandfather wanted to sort through her old boxes. Apparently it’s a bit sparkly and I didn’t notice that until later.




Mm, I’ve gotten into a rut these last few days of lying around and not doing things, particularly not leaving the house too much or posting things or replying to correspondence with people or doing any work for my last GCSE exam (which is tomorrow, I’ve had a week off in which I’ve done now work) and, now that I appear to have run out of Orange Is The New Black episodes to watch, I’ve decided that making a list of short-term goals might be helpful? I’m OK at lists but bad at prioritising so these won’t be in a sensible order:

  • *locate and learn the like 5 [edit: actulally, 4] lines of layening I’ve been given for this Shabbat (come on, Mi, this is a triennial reading it’s not much to do! Also, it’s Korach! You like/are interested in/have a lot of feelings about Korach!) done passably the night before, I cut it very close but the piece was short and had interesting trope and I do have a lot of feelings about Korach. In light of the difficulty simply reading the Hebrew, I’m adding more Hebrew learning to any future medium-/long-term lists.
  • *reply to people on tumblr (3) and TDF (2), engage with people
  • make personal posts, including ones about lack of personal posts and the emphasis I place on communication 
  • write poetry
  • write in diary
  • find old diary
  • go back to keeping a dream journal
  • write to future self in response to Elsie’s ask prompt
  • write a cathartic, somewhat self-indulgent essay about my responses to this  and/or polish the wordspam I already have written about that bundle of ideas
  • *edit: in a shorter time-frame- actually finish reading Middlemarch! 
  • edit: after that, start reading through the massive piles of books in my room
  • work out whether/how I’m tagging for body image on here
  • prep clothing and other supplies/mindsets for Israel tour
  • prep mindsets and training for coast-to-coast cycle tour- edit: I made some progress, my lovely neighbour is going on rides with me every day this week leading up to the ride- I took the first one today and it was gorgeous- the wheather here is beautiful
  • get Night Vale the Debate and Condos to download, they technically ought to have already
  • master downloading things onto this ipod in general (it’s hand-me-down from an aunt and so has lots of good music but is not working from my own account and I don’t know how to work it)
  • *edit: iron the design onto and post pictures of the t-shirt I’ve made with Elsie’s lovely birthday present
  • *edit: post selfies, oh so many selfies, particularly recent flower-crown selfies

edit: I’ve added asterisks for relatively urgent-feeling things since some of these are actually more medium-term, asterisked items can or (in the case of layening) should, be done in the next few days- 20/06/14

edit: asterisks still stand as immediate priorities- 22/06/14

Additional achievements: +1 socialisation, I attended my bff’s party/gathering for her birthday/the summer solstice; +1 work ethic, I participated in ~Work Experience~ doing editing with a neighbour. I’d like to give a shout-out to the people who facilitated most of my additional exertion- the family next-door who are responsible for the party, cycling trip and work experience respectively. Also to all the lovely friends and acquaintances I met with at the gathering and my family for being cool when we trekked back en masse to camp out in the garden.

I finished the cycle tour yesterday (it was pretty good on the whole!); I’m setting off for Israel tour later today. I will do the other things at some point!

Today I made yet another flower-crown, mostly purple flowers tied onto sticky weed with their own stalks and grass-stems. I sat outside tying and winding them together (and taking pictures of the sky and picking raspberries) and it started raining in huge, heavy drops) and I stayed out for a while, until the wreath was closer to finished. Now, I’m listening to Girls in Trouble with the thrum of the rain outside of my window in the background. I don’t want to take the flowers out of my hair to go to sleep.